Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Grade Grade Grade! -- who need you, HUH?

Finally, I get my truly grade. It's up, higher than what I hope before. But yeaa.. I no longer don't care about it.
Thing I consider is how to get my responsbility on it. I mean, can I pass next semester with that grade again? Or I'll down, or up? Im so blank, so blind.

The Underpressure Me. You'd better don't see my face. :)
My counselor lecture (CL) tells us to go up, up and up. But I dunno how to up with these lessons, Basic of Tabligh, Basic of Dakwah, Hadits, Fiqh... You know Im weak, even in my own religion. Actually, I love to be a good moslem, but not this way. I even didn't catch the lessons about religion in the past semester. It just have already showed me the theory, not in application case. So, what I catch just to how answer the question in exam, how to describe it on debate. But nothing to my life, nothing to my soul.
Yes.. Im underpressure now. -________-"

Well life... Oo.

After forward, I get a headache cause Head of Departement I take isn't in His Room. I need his signature so bad, now. I wanna take my holiday again soon after this horrible administration things.
I don't wanna home and get back to the campus tomorrow. I want it gets a final now, today. So here Im, wait He's coming.

*typed at my faculty and posted at home :)

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